Awarded Sustainable and Efficient Lighting Design

Located in People's Square, the YongXin Plaza is a prosperous business circle situated in the centre of Shanghai. It is a highly efficient and comfortable office environment, and was China's first project to win the prestigious Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, awarded by the United States Building Council.

It was the clients' commitment to sustainability and design that led them to choosing to collaborate with Lumascape on this innovative project. 

To achieve the design goals set, Lumascape seleted the LS793LED, which offered the technical performance that the green building required.

Subject to rigorous testing processes, the LS793LED is a compact, inground luminaire featuring a small aperture, and tilt, dimming and RGB control. The low-profile design and remote controllability proved an optimal solution, as it allowed for dynamic lighting performance without appearing to dominate the building's architecture.