Pre-Installation Kit - LS6052-K

Pre-Installation Kit for LS3060 and LS3062

Product Overview

Pre-Installation Kit for LS3060 and LS3062.

  • LS6052-K-84   Hard wired installations
  • LS6052-K-77   Flexible cable, single entry, for connectorised installations - non dimming

Suitable for use with

LS3060 Erden E6 In-ground
LS3062 Erden E6 Foundation In-ground



Product Configurator

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Connection Type

Must match connection type of luminaire.


MicroAntiLeach Cable (84)

MicroAntiLeach Cable (84)

For connections to the branch circuit via junction box (by others) or other approved method.

IP68 Connector & Junction Box (87)

IP68 Connector & Junction Box (87)

Flexible cable, single entry, for connectorised installations. Includes 1m MicroAntileach™ cable with IP68 conncector and junction box. Not suitable for colour changing or dimming applications.

Input Voltage


120/277 Vac, 60 Hz (09)

120/277 Vac, 60 Hz Input Voltage